Twice Blessed Toolkit

Donation Form

These can be attached to emails or printed so your donors have an easy form to fill out. Physical donation forms are great for getting people to support your cause.

Facebook Templates

Letterhead and Footer

These can be added into any letter or document that your using to discuss your campaign. If you are sending any correspondence to your donors, you can use these.

Brand Guidelines (Logos, Fonts, etc.)

Twice Blessed Logo 

This is the Twice Blessed logo, there are several file formats to be use. All those can be found here. You can use this logo on social media for extra reach and engaging posts.

Inspiritus Community Health Foundation Logo

This is the Twice Blessed logo, there are several file formats to be use. All those can be found here. You can use this logo on social media for extra reach and engaging posts.


This font family can be used so that all your text looks the same across your marketing campaign.


Resources & Softwares

To help you bolster your campaign here are a few marketing resources to assist you:


Best for Graphic Design: Canva (Free)

Best for Sending Emails: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a service that allows you to send marketing campaigns through email. You can design and edit email campaigns that fit your goals. You can track analytics with an account as well. Email marketing is almost 40% more effective at producing conversions than social media. This is because it’s personal and can be tailored to fit your unique audiences. 92% of internet users have at least one e-mail account. A great way to increase conversions is to put a “donate now” button into an email campaign as a call to action.

Mailchimp offers a 15% discount to nonprofits.

Best Social Media Platforms (Free):

Social media remains a great way to reach audiences and potential donors. Producing consistent video content is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and conversions on a Facebook page.

You want your page followers to know you in your Twice Blessed campaign season. Here are some guidelines for successful campaign awareness.

  • Page Updates – Change your Facebook profile and cover photo to provide a Twice Blessed graphic. You’re encouraged to add your own logo to personalize it to your organization’s brand in partnership with Twice Blessed.
  • Posting – What is the sweet spot for frequency when posting organically on your page? Although there is no magical number, there are recommendations so that you won’t overwhelm your followers and make it feel like you’re spamming their news feed. Each social platform has its own recommendations:
    • Instagram: 3 to 7 times/week
    • Facebook: 1 to 2 times/day
    • Twitter: 1 to 5 times/day
    • Linked In: 1 to 5 times/day
  • Video and Live Video – Video is an effective way to market but can take a ton of time.
    • Be sure if are boosting your videos on social media and that they are both professional and authentic.
    • An example of great video content for non-profits is a clip of you showcasing the good you have done for your communities in the form ‘lives’.
    • Other ideas for videos include a “meet our team” video to put a face to your organization’s brand name. People are more likely to donate if they know you or someone else in your organization.
  • Facebook Stories – this is 100% organic serving to 100% of your followers.
    • Use your Publishing Tools/Creator Studio to add your donation link to your posts. This will be a small ‘donate now’ button on the posts.
    • This feature expires in 24 hours, so if you’re using this option be sure to add to your story frequently.
  • Hashtags – Hashtags provide a way to access certain topics quickly and easily on social media. They are used to identify a keyword on social media so information about an event can become searchable on social media networks. For example, when someone types in #twiceblessed into the Facebook search bar, that person can see all the posts with that hashtag, providing great benefit for your organization. Remember to use hashtag #twiceblessed on all your campaigns to draw awareness for the whole event.
  • Use these hashtags as your base and add your own organizational hashtags after #Inspirituscommunityhealth

#twiceblessed #twiceblessed2021 #donations #donate #donation #donationsneeded #donationbased #minot #northdakota  #health #donationmatch #nonprofit #charity #community #donate #nonprofitorganization #volunteer #love #giveback #support #fundraising #socialgood #dogood #change #help #philanthropy #givingback #fundraiser #instagood #makeadifference #hope #causes #volunteering #helpingothers #goals #giving


Direct Mail:

Direct mail is still a very effective way to increase donations. Studies have shown that direct mail and having a physical form to hold is 35% stronger than social media and 49% stronger than email for engaging our long-term memory sensors. Direct mail is 33% more powerful for engagement as well.

Direct Mail Helpful links: